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Maricopa County Audit Report: Over 57k Votes In Question

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Arizona’s Maricopa County forensic audit report presentation began at 4:00 EST Friday in the State Senate showing over 57,000 votes are in question. The Maricopa audit is just one county in Arizona but it is the fourth largest county in terms of population in the U.S. The full report with Senate President Fann’s letter to AG Brnovich can be found here.

Fann Letter to Brnovich/9/24/21

The independent audit team presented their findings with Senate President Karen Fann presiding. The Senate Republicans chose an audit team led by Cyber Ninjas CEO, Doug Logan and Ben Cotton of CyFIR.

Data analyst and inventor, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai also presented his analysis of several facets of the audit, including findings on duplicate ballots and ballot envelope images.

Senate liaisons Randy Pullen and Ken Bennett both presented. Bennett reviewed pertinent election laws and statutes toward the end of the presentation that could force compliance by the county to adjust the number of votes.

Senator Peterson, also present for the hearing, spoke at the end. He mentioned the constant obstruction to the audit, ostensibly spending, he said, “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to fight the process of an independent audit that was by and large supported by the citizens of Arizona. Peterson identified many critical issues that need to be addressed, some of which are criminal offenses:

  • The obstruction of the audit.
  • The numbers do not reconcile.
  • “It appears they broke the law with the duplicate ballots.”
  • We need to hold people accountable for the mistakes.
  • There are significant chain of custody issues.
  • Failure to preserve data files.

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