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Man who shot Texas State Trooper through his closed front door will face absolutely no charges

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FORT WORTH, TX – A man who shot a plainclothes Texas State Trooper in the shoulder through his closed front door following a sort of vehicular pursuit back in April has been no-billed by a grand jury, meaning he will be facing no charges related to the incident.

While the man who shot the state trooper has since come forward to describe the incident that led to the shooting, Texas State Trooper officials have yet to provide any comment on the case or the trooper injured during the incident.

New developments in the case of a Texas state trooper who was shot in Fort Worth in April. The man who shot him has been no-billed by a grand jury — and faces no charges. https://t.co/yQXNhszoLV

— News 4 San Antonio (@News4SA) September 9, 2021

It’s a case that seems to leave more questions than answers.

On April 23rd, Russell King and his wife Myra were driving home near Haslet after getting some food when Russell said that he saw what he thought were two pickup trucks racing each other behind him:

“And 2 vehicles, 2 trucks came flying by us at a high rate of speed.”

Russell said then one of the trucks exited the highway, while the other sped past him and then got in front of his vehicle. Russell said then he could see the man in the truck glare at him through his rearview mirror,

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