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Limbaugh’s producer goes public with Rush story he’s never told

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James Golden, a.k.a. 'Bo Snerdley' (Video screenshot)

James Golden, a.k.a. ‘Bo Snerdley’ (Video screenshot)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s producer, James Golden, who also goes by the pseudonym Bo Snerdley, revealed a story this week about how Limbaugh gave him a gift of $5,000 after he noticed the producer was in financial trouble.

Rush was always known for his charitable endeavors and generosity.

Golden emphasized that the gift, which Limbaugh wanted kept between the two of them, came before Limbaugh was super wealthy and a household name, and when Golden was just “a black kid from Queens.”

Speaking to Fox News host “Tucker Carlson” during an episode of “Tucker Carlson Today,” Golden recalled having to speak to personal creditors on the phone while he was at work. Limbaugh overheard him.

“Hey, James, can you come back in my office?” Limbaugh asked Golden at the time. “So listen, I don’t mean to pry, I don’t wanna get inside your business or anything, but I heard you on the phone. Is everything OK?”

Golden told Limbaugh how much he owed, $5,000, which the producer said is a lot of money to him now, and was especially back then.

“Don’t sweat it, everything is gonna be cool, everything is gonna work out,” Limbaugh told Golden.

“I get to work the next day,” the producer recalled to Carlson. “I want you to keep I mind, this is before Rush Limbaugh signed any big syndicated deals,

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