Liberals Pressure Justice Breyer To Leave Supreme Court – Want Black Woman To Replace Him

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Even left-wing justices aren’t safe from the radical left.

Liberals are already beginning to try and push out liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Back on April 9th, the far-left group Demand Justice got a truck billboard calling for his retirement.

On the billboard, it read “Breyer, retire. It’s time for a Black woman Supreme Court Justice. There’s no time to waste”.

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Here’s a photo of Demand Justice’s billboard truck outside of Union Station.

— Jennifer Bendery (@jbendery) April 9, 2021

Demand Justice Executive Director Brian also released a statement claiming that Breyer retiring was “the only responsible choice”. 

“We are now firmly in the window when past justices have announced their retirement, so it’s officially worrisome that Justice Breyer has not yet said that he will step down,” Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon said in a statement Friday, calling Breyer’s retirement “the only responsible choice.”

More liberals are now calling for him to step down.

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law called on Breyer to retire while the Democrats still have the ability to confirm who replaces him.

Here is what he said:

“If one Democrat leaves for whatever reason, the Democrats could lose the Senate,” Chemerinsky said in an interview with The Hill. “For Breyer to have someone with his values and views replace him, retiring this summer could be crucial. If the Republicans take the Senate,

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