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Lessons Learned from 2020 – Time to Clean House

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This is Part 7 in a series.

The 2020 election didn’t have to be lost. We didn’t have to be asking questions about multiple appearances (at the very least) of impropriety, the failure to follow election laws and Constitutional provisions, or a host of other things. But we are at the point where Joe Biden is President and Kamala Harris is Vice President.

The fact of the matter is that some who were nominally “on our side” helped make 2020 a mess. They failed to pick the right people. There was no poor planning if there was any planning at all. They failed to “prepare the battlefield” so as to have favorable conditions, or worse, didn’t oppose the other side’s attempts. Likely ways the Left would attack were not anticipated, leading to ineffective (if any) counterattacks. There was no consideration for how the message being put out would be received, leading to needlessly driving people to Biden. Then, of course, there wasn’t an accurate assessment of where things stood, or worse, no effort to have such an assessment in favor of overly optimistic assumptions leading to desperate “Hail Mary” efforts.

Those who display a record of failure in multiple parts of these areas of discussion may lack the tactical and strategic competence to win the necessary elections to advance the effort to restore our government to within Constitutional boundaries. The fact of the matter is that knowing how things stand and knowing where we want to get to is not enough. We have to figure out how we get from our current state to the state we want the country to be in.

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