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Left-wing pundit declares: Biden presidency ‘on the brink of failure’

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Joe Biden appears to be lost on the White House lawn on Aug. 10, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Prominent liberal pundit and writer Jonathan Chait believes President Biden is “on the brink of failure” and would be the “decided underdog” to former President Trump if the election were held this fall.

Writing in New York magazine, Chait doesn’t blame Biden himself, insisting the president has not abandoned the political center.

Instead, he contends, Biden is “trapped” between “a well-funded left wing that has poisoned the party’s image with many of its former supporters and centrists unable to conceive of their job in any terms save as valets for the business elite.”

“Biden’s party has not veered too far left or too far right so much as it has simply come apart,” he writes.

Chait, a former senior editor at The New Republic and assistant editor of The American Prospect, spells out the consequent “cold reality.”

“Eleven months into his term, and a year from a midterm election that appears likely to end his legislative majority, the cold reality for Biden is that his presidency is on the brink of failure,” he writes.

The Democratic party’s biggest problem is rich people who have some truly awful political ideas https://t.co/nNYUGGHOKA

— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) November 22, 2021

With no prospect of rebounding from poll numbers as l

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