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Kyle Rittenhouse to Biden: Learn the facts first!

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Kyle Rittenhouse (Video screenshot)

Kyle Rittenhouse (Video screenshot)

Acquitted teen Kyle Rittenhouse says President Biden needs to learn how to determine the facts.

The comments came in an interview with Fox News Tucker Carson just days after Rittenhouse was acquitted by a Wisconsin jury of charges from the shooting deaths of two men who were attacking him during a riot in Kenosha last year.

Biden had falsely labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist at the time. In fact, Biden made the allegation in a campaign ad, using the teen’s situation politically.

“Mr. President, if I could say one thing to you, I would urge you to go back and watch the trial, and understand the facts before you make a statement,” Rittenhouse said.

“It’s actual malice; defaming my character for him to say something like that.”

Fox News explained that actually Biden was just one of the politicians condemning Rittenhouse before the fact. During the trial, House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries declared on social media Rittenhouse should be locked up and the key “thrown away.”

Earlier, WND reported Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, earlier slammed Biden for “defam[ing]” her son as part of his political attacks on President Trump.

The younger Rittenhouse was acquitted of charges for shooting and killing two violent protesters during a riot in Kenosha, and shooting and wounding a third. The jury’s apparently agreed it was self-defense.

But Biden had posted a video in his attacks on President Trump that accused him of failing “disavow white supremacists.”

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