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Kamala Harris to NASA: Are you able to ‘track trees’ by race for ‘environmental justice?’

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Can we all just agree Vice President Kamala Harris should be nowhere near anything NASA touches?

This is an issue, I think, which can bring America together. Conservatives, liberals, independents: We can all just hold hands and tell Kamala to cut it out. This could be the unity the Biden-Harris ticket promised but never delivered. Our divided nation can stop yelling at each other for a few minutes and just focus on keeping Harris away from NASA for a little while, and then maybe build on that.

Yes, she’s supposed to be the head of the revived National Space Council, but that hasn’t even met yet. We can finagle it so that she spends a little more time at the border or figuring out new ways to waste taxpayer dollars. This is all eminently doable.

Let’s just go over Harris’ recent history with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, just in case you need a refresher. Last month, the vice predident appeared in an embarrassing, bizarre video for NASA in which she talked to a group of kids. It emerged later they were all child actors — but Kamala’s acting came off as worse, somehow, almost as if she was someone who’d accidentally taken a double dose of her medication that morning.

That all went horribly enough — but nearly a month later, the veep was going bad-viral again after a visit to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt,

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