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Judge says law banning illegal re-entry into U.S. is ‘racist’

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A federal judge appointed by Barack Obama has concluded that a law making it illegal to re-enter the United States if you are an illegal alien and previously have been removed is racist.

Because it “disproportionately” impacts “Latinx” people.

The stunning ruling comes from Judge Miranda Du, who ruled in favor of Gustavo Carrillo-Lopez, who wanted an indictment against him for illegal reentry dismissed, because it was “discriminatory.”

The judge claimed, after granting the motion, that criminalizing illegal reentry is “racist” against “Latinx” illegal aliens, and therefore unconstitutional.

The ruling was considered “iffy,” as according to a report in Breitbart, the judge admitted there was no “publicly available data” to support her decision.

The fight was over “Section 1326 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.” Du opined that because it is racist in its origins, it violates the equal protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment.

Du: “Section 1326 has a disparate impact on Latinx persons.”

Um, might that be because the vast majority of illegal aliens are “Latinx,” judge? pic.twitter.com/F61mdLxjoi

— Dr. Hold My Beer, BfD (@RealLibSmacker) August 19, 2021

A commentary at RedState reported the “Crazy Train continues to hurtle down the tracks.”

The judge wrote, “Because Carrillo-Lopez has established that Section 1326 was enacted with a discriminatory purpose and that the law has a disparate imp

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