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Judge: Government must defend confiscating traveler’s cash

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A federal judge in Pennsylvania has refused a government request to dismiss a lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration over the confiscation of $82,373 in cash from an innocent traveler.

WND reported money was seized by a bank from Terry Rolin in a nearby state and ended up in government hands.

It was returned, but Rolin filed a class-action lawsuit that will advance with the judge’s rejection of the motion to dismiss.

The Institute for Justice said Rolin used boxes and jars to accumulate the cash over many years. His daughter, Rebecca Brown, persuaded him to turn it over to her so she could pay his bills and put the rest in a bank.

The local banks, however, were closed that day, so she planned to take the cash with her on a flight from Pittsburgh to Boston and then deposit it.

The DEA seized the cash at the airport.

IJ explained that when travelers “go online to find out whether it is legal to fly with cash, the government tells them that there are no restrictions on traveling with any amount of money on domestic flights.”

“What it does not tell flyers is that, upon seeing cash, Transportation Security Administration screeners will detain them a

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