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Joe Biden’s zoo

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There’s no other way to describe it but to call the Biden presidency a “zoo.” The people in it. The policies. The relationship with our allies.

The impact on world peace. What it all means for history and our future as a free nation.

At this point, I must apologize to zoo animals. To compare those innocents to what’s going on in Washington and in our government is an insult – to the animals. As I said, I apologize.

We just recognized the 20th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack on, and in, our country – nearly 3,000 people killed and indescribable destruction to our infrastructure – to say nothing of the residual mental and emotional damage done to millions of Americans as they lived through those terrible days. That will never end.

Those old enough to remember the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor (and those who know history) realize that in 1941 we knew how to respond and when: waste no time, counter-attack and fight until the enemy was defeated and we won the war. We did just that.

As for 9/11 – we got into a number of conflicts that seemingly never ended, and after years, there was no winner – and it appears we are the losers. Think Afghanistan: the years, the material cost, to say nothing of the loss of innocent lives, American and Afghan.

How did that happen? And why did Biden just set a date and pull out,

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