Joe Biden’s Far-Left “Climate” Plan Seeks To Limit Americans To 4 Lbs Of Beef Per Year

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In the name of saving the planet, Joe Biden wants to cut America’s beef consumption by 90%  and 50% of all meat consumption, overall. His plan also calls for limiting Americans to 4 lbs. of beef per year, the equivalent of one burger per month.

From the Montana Daily Gazette – Biden’s climate proposal includes significant cuts to our carbon emissions by 2030, with zero carbon emissions by 2050. The latter goal would require humanity to become extinct because humans produce carbon dioxide naturally just by breathing. But aside from wishing we would all just die off so the algae and spotted owls can prosper, Biden’s climate goals include no more red meat.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the media, “We are making an aggressive reduction target for the country. Part of our effort will focus on enhancing climate-smart agricultural practices, the development of biofuels, carbon capture and sequestration, better forest management and reforestation.” He later went on to say that farmers and ranchers would be “given incentives” (welfare) to stop farming and ranching.

Democrats have been setting their sights on ranchers for some time, with some politicians urging their constituents to have “Meatless Mondays,” believing that limiting meat consumption one day a week can save the planet. But Biden’s ambitions are far heavier than just one-day-a-week abstinence from protein.

The supposed damage to the environment by cattle production is their release of methane by passing gas. The geniuses in the Beltway, empowered by an endless amount of cash from the public tax rolls, are now trying to solve the all-important problem of cattle breaking wind.

Matthew Holliday nailed the Biden-Obama’s new nanny-state with this tweet:

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