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Joe Biden: The worst president – ever!

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After only two months, it’s time to call Joe Biden the worst president of all time – and it’s not even close.

The latest gambit: The White House said it will consider spending $3 trillion on boosting the economy, reducing carbon emissions and narrowing economic inequality, beginning with a giant infrastructure plan.

This will be the greatest spending boondoggle ever. It’s a total waste! Even what it promises is a waste – and these are Biden’s simple words.

Boosting the economy? Biden wouldn’t even know how. Carbon emission? It will not make the climate warmer or cooler – whatever the plan.

It’s a fairy tale for kids and grownups. For narrowing economic inequality? Sounds like more wealth redistribution schemes. A giant infrastructure plan? Biden simply cannot be trusted with anything called giant.

Remember, Biden is now in the middle of creating the biggest crisis ever on the border. By canceling progress on building the wall and inviting Mexico and Central America to “surge” the border without a plan, we can assume this was the plan!

He wants to enlist Democratic voters! He wants cheap workers to replace American citizens! He wants to compromise security for the United States! He wants to increase sexual exploitation of women! He wants to redistribute money to the human-smuggling cartel! He wants a stimulus program for border area hotels – a minimum for $86 million as of today!

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