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Jessikka Aro on russian information warfare

Jessikka Aro on russian information warfare
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Jessikka Aro is an award-winning investigative reporter for Yle Kioski, the social media division of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. Her specialty subjects are Russia, information warfare, security and extremism. Aro started a crowdsourced investigation of pro-Russia info war trolls in September 2014, which immediately resulted in her becoming a target of serious harassment by pro-Kremlin propagandists.

Aro has been awarded with the respected Bonnier Journalism Prize for her troll articles, which were published in Finnish, English and Russian. Aro is a popular conference speaker and contributor to various projects regarding freedom of the press. She constantly trains reporters and general public to recognize disinformation in Finland and abroad. Before YLE Aro worked as foreign affairs reporter in Finland’s largest daily Helsingin Sanomat (2008-2011) and as staff writer in Journalisti, the professional magazine of the Union of Journalists in Finland (2011-2013). At the moment Aro is writing an investigative book about Russian hybrid warfare targeted towards the West.


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