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It Hasn’t Even Been A Month, And It Looks Like Kamala Harris Already Doing President Biden’s Job For Him

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What’s Happening:

How long will Biden last in the Oval Office? Many people wondered about Biden’s longevity during the election.

It didn’t seem like he would have the stamina to be POTUS for four long years. Now, according to reports, he hasn’t even made it a month.

All that Biden has been able to do, it seems, is sign a mountain of orders that even made the NYT blanch.

And while he’s busy playing video games, Kamala Harris is already doing some of the work Biden’s meant to do.

From The National Pulse:

The White House published a readout yesterday entitled “Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France.”

… “Vice President Kamala Harris spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France, and expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and France and to revitalizing the transatlantic alliance

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