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Is Radical Immigration Reform On The Horizon?

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The Biden administration has big plans to reform immigration. Long-time immigrant rights champion Senator Bob Menendez (D-NY) will introduce a bill that portends to be a radical reformation of the immigration system in the U.S. It is unclear whether he will present his reform as one comprehensive bill or whether the Democrats will present reforms piecemeal with several smaller bills. Regardless of the process, reform will be significant. It has been suggested that a strategy of smaller bills over time will keep it off the radar of those who might disagree with radical reform and, thus, make it more likely to pass as a whole.

A precursor to the upcoming bill has been the reversal of immigration-related Executive Orders put in place during the Trump administration. Biden issued his own Executive Order on Immigration in early February in anticipation of the Menendez-sponsored legislation to be presented some time this month. Regrettably, Congress failed to support President Trump with immigration reform legislation during his tenure. The lack of leadership on immigration reform in Congress is not a new problem—in fact, it preceded the 2016 election.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already revoked Trump’s “remain in Mexico” program featured in a Feb. 15 article on UncoverDC. Biden has also halted deportation for 90 days, a policy that Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas was able to temporarily rescind with his lawsuit. Paxton’s position was upheld by a judge in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas. The ruling placed a nation-wide injunction on the the deportation freeze. Unfortunately, according to Chris Chmielenski, deputy director of Numbers USA, in defiance of the judge’s order,

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