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Information Warfare | STaR Shot | Defence S&T Strategy 2030

Information Warfare | STaR Shot | Defence S&T Strategy 2030
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To download a copy of the S&T strategy, please visit our website at https://www.dst.defence.gov.au/strategy.

More, together, the Defence Science and Technology Strategy, introduces the Science, Technology and Research concept, also known as the STaR Shot concept. The STaR Shots focus the national S&T enterprise on Defence objectives to deliver leap-ahead capabilities, while the strategic pillars enable the STaR Shots and support the broader Defence S&T program.

The Information Warfare STaR Shot will be delivering blended awareness and resilient effects across the human, information, and physical realms through a contested information environment.

Information Warfare seeks to develop innovative information warfare capabilities that enable the ADF to manoeuvre in a contested information environment. Information warfare combines cyber warfare, electronic warfare and influence operations into a single warfighting capability that achieves awareness of the information environments and coordinates information warfare effects.

The STaR Shot will also address information-related capabilities that may be used by the ADF and other government departments in support of whole-of-government efforts pursuing Australia’s national interests.

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