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Indulgences in the Democrats’ America

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The First Amendment “guarantees” freedom of religion – at least until it is repealed by the atheistic Marxists in America who have been working toward that end for the past century. Note that James Madison listed freedom of religion before freedom of speech and the rest. That order of precedence signals the priority and importance of each of those freedoms, and religion is freedom number one!

With an ironic nod to the First Amendment, modern leftists have fashioned their own religion in a humanistic – and Godless – mold. The Democrat Party that they have taken over is a socialist political party that contains all the key elements of an established religion. And just like the Christian Church during the Middle Ages, the Democrats have developed their own self-priming money pump through the practice of indulgences. Hold that thought while the elements of religion as relates to the Democrat Party are explained.

The Modern Democrat Party’s Elements of Religion

Orthodoxy. This refers to a set of basic or core beliefs that cannot be challenged. The Democrats’ core beliefs are found in the 2020 Democrat Party platform, including third-trimester abortions, universal healthcare, racial justice and equality, LGBTQ rights, and other Marxist-oriented beliefs/issues camouflaged by Orwellian names. Most religions also have a deity in which adherents fervently believe. The Democrats have several, with government, Gaia (the Earth), and Mammon being the most prominent. As in, the government can do no wrong, we must save the planet regardless of human costs, and money makes the world go round (and its pursuit is moral no matter how it is acquired). [Note: if the Democrat Party were a true political party and not a de facto religion, then its elected officials would believe that holding office is a public trust in service of the people,

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