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In Texas, A Bill of Hope to Save Children from Premature Transgender Transitioning and a Father Willing to Risk it All by Speaking Out

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On Tuesday, March 24, Texas House Member Steve Toth of HD 15 announced the introduction of Texas House Bill 68, the Innocence Protection Act, also known as the #SaveJames Bill. The Bill aims to specifically prohibit the use of puberty blockers or supraphysiological doses of estrogen to minor boys and testosterone to minor girls. It bans the removal of an otherwise healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue. Also, it prohibits performing a surgery that would change or affirm a child’s perception of their sex if it is inconsistent with their biological sex.

Though these seem like logical protections for children, and you are likely wondering why we would need a Bill like this made into law. If you search for “James Younger” or “Luna Younger,” you will quickly find that this topic spurs quite the controversy, and there are some militant narrative and information control being exerted from publications in an attempt to push this very agenda. Only their narrative is the acceptable one. We believe in getting the full story here at UncoverDC. We stand for truth.

In 2019 a story filled the headlines about a little boy in Texas, James Younger, also referred to as Luna now, whose mother was trying to transition her little boy after he expressed interest in a girl’s Happy Meal toy at the age of three. Yes, you read that right. By the time little James was five-years-old his mother, Ann Georgulas, and father, Jeffrey Younger, were and are still (James is now eight-years-old) going through a very turbulent and bitter custody battle over the fate of little James. James Younger’s father, Jeff Younger, contends that his son has never identified as anything other than his biological sex.

UncoverDC spoke to Representative Steve Toth exclusively about the Bill,

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