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Impeachment calls grow as Biden vacations while U.S. citizens are still stuck in Afghanistan

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Tennessee Republican Rep. Diana Harshbarger called for President Joe Biden’s impeachment on Monday during a “Fox & Friends First” interview as she blasted the president for vacationing in Delaware while Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan.

“He’s prioritizing his vacation over the lives of American citizens,” Harshbarger said.

“He kept his promises to the Taliban and he’s breaking his promises to Americans to get them out, and God only knows what will happen if they can’t get out.”

‼Under the “leadership” of President Biden, 13 service members are dead.

‼Under the “leadership” of President Biden, our southern border is a disaster.

‼Under the “leadership” of President Biden, prices for everyday necessities are rising.

No leadership. Impeach Biden.

— Rep. Diana Harshbarger (@RepHarshbarger) September 3, 2021

Regarding impeachment, the message was clear.

“The people that I serve demand that we at least put up articles of impeachment,” Harshbarger said.

Republican @RepHarshbarger calls out President Biden’s trip to Delaware for Labor Day weekend while Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan following his chaotic withdrawal.https://t.co/jKBtpaEOOa

— Fox & Friends First (@FoxFriendsFirst) September 6, 2021

The show also included an interview with Marine veteran Chad Robichaux, who served multiple deployments in Afghanistan.

“The commander-in-chief has a duty and responsibility to American people,” he said.

“I’ll say we have thousands of Americans still in Afghanistan right now.

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