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“I Was Frozen In Fear:” Epstein Victim Testifies That Ghislaine Maxwell Was Present and Participated in Sex Abuse – Heiress Allegedly Began Grooming Victim Starting at 14

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Almost three years after Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death while in jail for his arrest on child sex-trafficking charges, the federal criminal trial of Ghislaine Maxwell – his confidante and apparent partner who would help him find, groom, and abuse young girls – kicked off on Monday in Manhattan with each side presenting their opening arguments.

In the federal prosecution’s opening statement, Lara Pomerantz told the jury that Maxwell sexually exploited young girls by developing their trust and conditioning them for abusive sexual conduct in order to eventually “serve them up” to Epstein in a decade-long scheme.

In summation, Pomerantz said Maxwell and Epstein were “partners in crime.”

Maxwell has been charged with grooming 4 underage victims for Epstein and engaging in the abuse. She has pled not guilty to all counts.

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On Tuesday, the first of four women whom prosecutors have identified as underage victims of Epstein and Maxwell took the witness stand to provide her testimony. Only identified as “Jane” to protect her identity, the victim said she was just 14 when she met Maxwell, and it did not take long before the abuse started.

According to Jane, soon after they met, Maxwell began talking to her about sex before inviting her over to Epstein’s house for the first time to hang out by the pool.

AUSA Comey: Did Epstein begin to pay for things for you?
Jane: Voice lessons. Clothes. Things for school.
AUSA: Did Ms Maxwell give you some advice?
Jane: That if you f*ck them you can always f*ck them,

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