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How insane is the border? Ask Jen Psaki

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Don’t say it!

Whatever you say, Jen Psaki, don’t say there is a “crisis” at the border.

There is absolutely no crisis at the border. Got it?

Call it a Freudian slip, that’s just what the White House press secretary did.

After uttering the forbidden term, the very next words out of her mouth at Thursday’s press briefing were not, “Let me circle back with you on that.”

Specifically, the hapless, verbally challenged Psaki said: “There have been expectations set outside of, unrelated to, any vaccine doses or requests for them, that they would be partners in dealing with the crisis on the border.”

For weeks, Biden administration officials, as opposed to Biden himself, have scrupulously avoided using the word “crisis” to describe the migrant surge on the southern border. Biden makes his own mistakes. He can’t help himself.

But the expert on communication, Psaki, responding to a question about U.S. plans to lend doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Mexico, and whether the U.S. made any demands in return for those doses, including increased cooperation on immigration matters, actually, for once instant, told the truth – by mistake.

Later, when another reporter asked her about her use of the term “crisis,” she immediately reverted to “challenges” – the word the White House has been using when repeatedly pressed on the most accurate way to refer to the growing problem.

“When you were talking about how to go about diplomatic negotiations between the United States and Mexico,

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