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House Election Law Committee Approves Forensic Audit of Nov. 3 Election in Windham, NH

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In a step towards establishing election integrity in New Hampshire, the entire NH House Election Law Committee, led by Chairperson Barbara Griffin (R-Goffstown), unanimously voted to authorize a forensic audit of voting machines and ballots in the town of Windham. On Mar. 11, on a 20-0 vote, the panel approved and sent to the full House a wholly rewritten version of Senate bill (SB43) that passed on a vote of 24-0 on Feb. 18.

Responding to pleas from Windham residents, and with strong support from Sen. Robert Giuda, R-Warren, who has tirelessly represented Windham’s voice at the state level, Secretary of State (SoS) William Gardner eventually listened to voter concerns and recognized the importance of performing an independent forensic audit on the town’s voting machines and ballots.

The new bill would direct the audit team to determine whether Windham’s four Dominion AccuVote OS optical scanners (the only optical scanners municipalities are permitted, by law, to use) functioned correctly in the Nov. 3 election and whether the number of ballots counted by hand in Windham and those counted by the secretary of state during the recount on Nov. 12 matched the number of ballots cast. 

The measure is the latest development to address a controversy that emerged after the Nov. 12 recount of the Windham’s Rockingham County District 7 race, which took almost six hours and produced peculiar results.

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