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Hillary Weighs In On Trump’s Election Challenge, Learns Very Quickly She Shouldn’t Have

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While political figures on both the left and right are waiting to find out what will happen on Wednesday when Congress convenes for a joint session in order to count Electoral College votes, there are some on the left who are volunteering to be the pre-game day entertainment.

Former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is among them, the woman who despises Trump with every part of herself after a non-expected election loss to him in 2016.

As most of you know, Clinton has spent the last four years crying about the election loss on the media, proclaiming in many words without a shred of evidence that had the election been “fair” and “free” of alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, she would have won it in a landslide.

While the Russian collusion allegation has been shown to be an orchestrated hoax that involved conspiring between the Clinton presidential campaign and the out-going Obama-Biden administration, that hasn’t stopped Clinton nor her dedicated sycophants from continuing to try and deliberately undermine the 2016 election results and Trump’s entire presidency in the process.

From Red State:

But here we are now two months after the 2020 election, and just two days ahead of that joint session of Congress, and the failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is making herself an early contender for

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