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High School Teacher Wants Students To Be Revolutionaries

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Inderkum High School teacher, Gabriel Gipe, exposes his alleged mission to turn his students into left-wing “revolutionaries” in Project Veritas video that went viral on Monday. In the video, the Sacramento teacher, who teaches advanced placement history, discusses his involvement in the “loosely formed” local Antifa movement. He says he “has 180 days to turn them (his students) into Revolutionaries.” The full video is captured below:

As Gipe explains his teaching method, the video pans across the classroom walls showing a revolutionary poster and another featuring Communist China’s Chairman Mao. He says he is actively asking students to get involved in organizations like Antifa,

Posters/Inderkum High School/Gipe Classroom/Project Veritas exposé

I want to get them (the students) out in the community,” he says, “I want to get them familiar with organizations that are doing work, what type of work they are doing, how they can be involved, where their passion is and what they can contribute.

Gipe motivates the students “through extra credit in exchange for their attendance” at political rallies and events. He says he posts a calendar of events every week for his students to alert them to local political activity. At one point, when asked how he accomplishes his mission to indoctrinate his students, he replies, “I just scare the f**k out of them.”

So like, I do it for extra credit,” he tells the undercover Veritas investigator, “So they get points for doing it. Like and so, that encourages them to do it. Because I can’t just like, ‘Hey, there’s some things going on. They’ll never go.

Yesterday, the Natomas School District’s Superintendent sent out a three-page letter addressing Gipe’s behavior.

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