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Hero alert: Police officer in New Jersey catches 1-month-old baby dropped from balcony

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JERSEY CITY, NJ – A Jersey City Police officer is being credited with saving a 1-month-old baby, after catching the child who was reportedly dropped from a second-floor balcony earlier in September.

While the officer is being lauded as a hero, the suspect accused of dropping the baby was taken into custody and is facing some serious charges regarding the incident.

New Jersey police officer catches 1-month-old baby dropped off balconyhttps://t.co/OgrlOyqbil

— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 20, 2021

According to reports, Jersey City Police responded to a call about a child in danger along Rose Avenue on the morning of September 18th. Apparently, a male suspect was threatening a child.

When police responded, the male suspect was threatening to throw the child from the second story balcony.

Police established a perimeter and attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but police say the suspect threw the child from the balcony. Luckily, the child was caught by Officer Eduardo Matute, as noted by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office via a Twitter post:

“An extremely dangerous incident developed this morning on Rose Ave in Jersey City in which a man was threatening a one-month-old baby.

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