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Here come the Afghans: The refugee resettlement racket

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It’s time to end the madness. However you feel about President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, I want you to focus on what’s best for Americans on American soil right here. Right now.

Our citizens are suffering under continued draconian lockdowns, medical tyranny, skyrocketing inflation, violent crime, cancerous homelessness, border chaos, ideological persecution and Silicon Valley censorship.

Cops cannot or will not maintain law and order.

Gun owners who exercise their right to self-defense face scorn at best and decades in prison at worst.

Our troops are being emasculated and mass-vaccinated against their will.

The mental health crisis among veterans and teens is unceasing.

Health care workers have become shills and guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Schools regulate how much air your children can breathe, whether they are allowed to have water breaks or sing in public, and how much guilt they must confess in the classroom for the sin of being white or part-white.

Our criminal justice system is run by corruptocrats and hijacked by mob rule.

Election integrity is a joke, and those who expose it are punished.

This country has transmogrified before our eyes into an incorrigible Clown World. The very last thing we need right now is to compound the chaos with the addition of 30,000 Afghan refugees imported through the Special Immigrant Visas program run by the notoriously open-borders, “America Last”

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