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Ghoulish: California to fund abortion tourism post-Roe

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The issue of abortion has again taken over the news because of the involvement of the Supreme Court. Will it, or won’t it? What effect will its decision on the case before it (Dobbs) have on Roe v. Wade?

There are those who hope that it will mean the end of Roe and others who want nothing done to change the status quo.

It’s estimated that since Roe was decided in 1972, some 63 million unborn babies have been killed by legal abortion in this country.

Think of it – 63 MILLION babies deliberately killed because someone, usually the mother, decided that the child should not be born alive. It doesn’t matter the reason – whatever. Sex with the wrong or right person at the wrong time, financial issues, religious issues, or just a mistake.

Regardless, the child that resulted from that union of the man and woman had no value to them, so it was easily disposed of according to our law. Most people don’t think about the reality of what happens in an abortion. Reality is hard to accept – but we must. It’s part of what we have caused to happen to us as a people.

The case the high court is considering focuses on whether states can prohibit second trimester abortions. Legal precedent prohibits states from banning abortions before viability, usually around 22 weeks. At issue currently is the Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks.

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