Germany’s Stasi Tactics: Pro-US “PI-News” under Surveillance for Criticizing Islam

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Protesting Radical Islam is now considered a crime in Germany

The German secret police are now surveilling leading pro-USA website PI-News for the crime of criticizing Islam and mass migration, as anti-American “Spiegel” magazine was happy to report.

by Richard Abelson

“Politically Incorrect” ( was founded on 11/11/2004 mainly to protest rampant anti-Americanism in German media. After the “Mohammed caricatures” incident sparked deadly Muslim riots worldwide 2008, it was the first news website to break the taboo of reporting critically about radical Islam. It is now the leading right-wing news site in Germany, with approx. 6 million pageviews a month. Even though it is censored on Facebook and Twitter, it ranks among the Top 100 news sites in the world, according to SimiliarWeb.

So naturally, the Merkel Stasi are trying to take it out. In summer 2020, police raided the home of a PI-News writer on fake charges of writing “neo-Nazi hate mails” – and signing with his full name and address, if you can believe that. (Gateway reported) Naturally, nothing ever came of the bogus charges – the smear was what counts. PI-News lists its credo as “Pro-US and pro-Israel” on the website, which doesn’t stop hate mongers from deeming it somehow “neo-Nazi”.

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Now, left-wing anti-American “Spiegel” magazine reports the German “Office for the Protection of the Constitution”, a fancy name for the new Gestapo, has termed PI News “proven extremist” for “inciting hatred against Muslims and refugees”.

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