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Geriatric Old Party in Need of a Makeover

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By Brad Shepard

Donald Trump’s presidency has revealed a plethora of important truths to the average voter—tens of millions of people have swallowed the red pill. Although waking up the people is not a policy per se, it will go down as one of his greatest political accomplishments.


One of these important truths is that our government is an establishment uniparty which has failed working-class Americans for decades—the political ruling class sold them out to the highest bidder. Corporate feudalism is the ultimate agenda of the establishment uniparty. What that really means is unsustainable spending, endless wars in the Middle East, oligarchs helping run the country, and policies that make the lives of the 1 percent better, while making the lives of everyone else far worse. Whether the policy is considered liberal or conservative, it must align with that agenda in some way.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) has been complicit in this betrayal—there is certainly nothing grand about a political party that does this to its base. A more fitting name for the GOP might be Geriatric Old Party. A nod to how outdated and out of touch the modern GOP and its policies are.

Look no further for an example of this than how the GOP has sabotaged President Trump at practically every opportunity. You expect it from Democrats. If you understand our political system, you should also expect it from Republicans. Rising stars like U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz are outliers. The GOP is not America First, and it probably never will be.

At face value, it should not be a difficult decision. President Trump received more votes than any sitting president or Republican in our nation’s history.

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