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Georgia Organizer Eric Warren Files Petitions To Recall Kemp and Raffensberger

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The 2020 Election placed the State of Georgia, its Governor, and its Secretary of State in the spotlight due to the alleged election fraud. Recall organizer Eric Warren has been leading the charge to recall Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger since early December. The KempRecall.com website is associated with this grassroots effort, which has received “zero support from the GOP,” according to Warren. UncoverDC met Warren at the CPAC 2021:America Uncanceled conference, and it was clear during the brief encounter that he is serious about his recall efforts.

Attention Georgians !!! https://t.co/HENS4wzxYX

— John (@John86386485) March 3, 2021

In a March 2 interview with local radio host Monica Matthews, Warren admitted that it is a “daunting task to gather this many signatures in 90 days…approximately 750,000.” Warren explained that online petitions are not official and do not remove people from office. His effort is official with a ground game of 1500 volunteers. Warren says his recall is to ensure election integrity in Georgia. Warren believes that Kemp and Raffensberger were complicit in thwarting a legitimate election. He is using the 2020 election and the Senate run-off in 2021 as the basis for his claims. “This was the epicenter of all the fraud in the country and…everyone was looking to Georgia as an example and we did not set that example,” Warren added. Georgia was the state where video captured “suitcases of ballots” allegedly being run repeatedly through tabulation machines in the wee hours of the morning without observers on site.

Warren is working with Amanda McGee of Black Voices for Trump and Blexit. She says that Kemp “invested millions in PPE “for the pandemic that the people of Georgia never saw.

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