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GA’s SoS Raffensperger Gave Hackers Roadmap To Infiltrate Machines A Year Before Election

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With the Georgia run-off election happening on January 5th, you will get angry with the information you’re about to read. Voters in every other state using Dominion/Diebold systems, ES&S, Unisyn, or other electronic voting system during the 2020 election will be angry.

GA SoS Brad Raffensperger posted what is essentially a guide to hack Dominion, ES&S, and Smartmatic voting systems during the summer of 2019, one year ahead of the 2020 elections. This made every aspect of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite open for business to anyone in the business of skewing elections. Raffensperger gave them a year to prepare with the actual components Dominion uses and perfect the methodologies used to hack the GA election.

This link is to the redacted GA Master Technical Evaluation. Although redacted, the report left every route needed to hack and control each technical component Dominion uses as well as adding an actual vulnerability to get hackers started.

The GA evaluation also lists the scanners needed to find the source code and all possible routes into all three systems. I’ll be getting back to this later but it even identifies Dominion’s source code.

Just to make sure I have your attention, below is a list of every piece of Dominion equipment that GA certified. Each piece is listed from the evaluation as a link showing how to hack it. A comprehensive breakdown is in the GA contract. There is no mention of a firewall on the Dominion system at all in the evaluation because it’s not “online,” even though routes to every sandboxed system are available to hackers through WiFi and Bluetooth components inside the sandbox itself. 

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