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GA: Dem-Leaning DeKalb Co. Election Director Claims 117K Votes Are Outstanding…After Race Tightens, Claims She Meant To Say 171K Outstanding Votes

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Less than 3 weeks after the November election, DeKalb County fired their election manager because of the multiple election errors that were discovered during an audit following the election, saying the election manager “blatantly disregarded the required processes.” DeKalb’s numbers were off by 732 votes.

Dekalb county has fired an Election manager because of election count errors discovered during the audit. the now former employee: “blatantly disregarded the required processes” Dekalb’s numbers were off by 732 votes pic.twitter.com/lfNc2mclt9

— Justin Gray (@JustinGrayWSB) November 20, 2020

Last night, as the Senate races in Georgia tightened in the Democrat-leaning DeKalb County, the new DeKalb election director doesn’t appear to be doing much better than the previous one. First, she announced that 117K outstanding votes were about to be uploaded into the tabulators. Shortly afterward, she announced that they had 54K more votes to tabulate than she originally reported. When Georgia’s Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, was asked about the discrepancy, he shrugged it off as an election official who is simply tired.

👀 there is not a shred of credibility to this election. Same shit. Same system. Same criminals. https://t.co/Zx83VQx8mM

— Michael R (@BoiseYankeeGuy) January 6, 2021

Curiously, according to Kyle Becker, CNN reported that according to the DeKalb election director, there were 130K outstanding ballots. Becker tweeted that CNN repeated the 130K number three times during their broadcast.

So, the reports from the Dekalb CEO was 130K. That was said on CNN three times. And then Sterling shows up like a deranged election leprechaun and says ‘nope’ it’s 170K. That’s what just dropped. #MAGIC 🔻https://t.co/R4RwylB58N

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) January 6,

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