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Fulton County and SoS Plan to Destroy Unused Ballots

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Recently we reported on the discovery of an eleventh-hour, massive Fulton County order of over 1 million absentee/by mail ballots. Our reporting analyzed the explanation given by the Georgia Secretary of State Elections Coordinator, Gabriel Sterling, and found it deficient for several reasons.

Mr. Sterling claimed that the ballots were ordered to serve as a backup plan in case the machines couldn’t be properly logic and accuracy tested before the election, as required by Georgia law. However, we reported that couldn’t have been the reason because the ballots were ordered after early voting had already begun. Our contention was basically that the machines were already being used at the time of the order; therefore, testing couldn’t have been the issue.

Ironically, we have found, and reported earlier this week, that the Fulton County voting machines were not logic and accuracy tested before the start of early voting. However, Fulton County proceeded to use the untested machines anyway. This revelation only further negates Mr. Sterling’s excuse that the issue of testing precipitated the “emergency” ballot order and bolsters our reporting.

Following this week’s article, former Fulton County precinct manager Bridget Thorne contacted us with this revelation:

The stubs number the ballots. When a ballot is used the manager keeps the stub to verify it was used. The ballot then becomes anonymous for the voter. With no stubs, there is no accountability of used/unused ballots. Why would anyone order no stub ballots?

— Bridget Thorne (@thornbrid) November 11, 2021

Ms. Thorne is correct. The ballots ordered from Runbeck were ordered with “no stubs” as shown here:

A researcher, M. White, had previously provided this information,

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