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Free Americans must resist tyranny – impolitely

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As speech codes took hold of America’s colleges and universities, and speakers with the “wrong” beliefs were being banned from campuses or shouted down by students, I began to realize that there was something afoot that was not just psychologically abnormal. It was something much more ominous. Something we could have predicted had we been paying attention.

It’s time to pay attention. Political speech control has now reached a level most Americans would have never thought possible. While folks like you and me were dismissing the censors in our midst as oddballs and lunatics, our nation’s moral and political foundations were tumbling to the turf next to all those statues and monuments we are no longer allowed to see. Obsessed with making everything in American life political (thus subject to some form of coercion) these gatekeepers of approved thinking were in the process of monopolizing public discourse by blocking public debate. American society flaccidly capitulated, from school classrooms and media newsrooms to corporate boardrooms and the locker rooms of professional sports.

Is any of this psychologically normal? Actually, it is – in a totalitarian world. It’s standard thinking for a fascist, a Marxist, a Nazi or any other state socialist. All these philosophies are coercive by nature, and all of them come to power through absolute control over the communication of ideas. Surrounded by cancel culture wokeness, we have missed the obvious.

The wellspring of intellectual tyranny in America is the fundamental philosophy of the political left,

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