For Two Years UK Testing New Surveillance Technology that Tracks and Stores Web Browsing for Every British Citizen

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By Jim Hoft

Published March 14, 2021 at 9:09am

For two years now the UK has been testing a surveillance technology that will track and store all of your web browsing activity.

The new program will track browsing for every single person in the country.

It is not a stretch to see the government use this technology to abuse its citizens — and not just in Great Britain.

This is a really scary development. reported

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For the last two years police and internet companies across the UK have been quietly building and testing surveillance technology that could log and store the web browsing of every single person in the country.

The tests, which are being run by two unnamed internet service providers, the Home Office and the National Crime Agency, are being conducted under controversial surveillance laws introduced at the end of 2016. If successful, data collection systems could be rolled out nationally, creating one of the most powerful and controversial surveillance tools used by any democratic nation.

Despite the National Crime Agency saying “significant work” has been put into the trial it remains clouded in secrecy. Elements of the legislation are also being challenged in court. There has been no public announcement of the trial, with industry insiders saying they are unable to talk about the technology due to security conce

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