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Flashback: Democrat Donors, Activists Run Twitter, Censor Opposition

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Flashback: Democrat Donors, Activists Run Twitter

A report from August 2018 showed that a whopping 80% of Twitter’s corporate PAC contributions in 2018 went to Democratic candidates.  None of these candidates, it says, were moderates.  Similar numbers occurred in the 2016 race as well.

According to the author, “Twitter sought to influence Congress and federal agencies on behalf of Democratic causes and against President Trump’s policies.”  One of the ways that have been doing this is shadowbanning (limiting the visibility of) non-establishment and non-progressive candidates, like Ronna McDaniel, the GOP Chair.  It also included several other Republicans leading Hill investigations into the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, which were proven to be true.  This included Representatives Devin Nunes (CA), Matt Gaetx (FL), Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and John Ratcliffe (TX).

Recall that John Ratcliffe is now the acting DNI in charge of the aggregate intelligence report related to US elections as a result of a much-discussed 2018 executive order by President Donald Trump.

Until recently, Twitter has always blamed these one-sided shadow-bans and suspensions against dissenting voices on technical glitches and generic filters against hate content.

In fact, in July of 2020 alone, “Twitter purged more than 380,000 of Trump’s followers, claiming they were fake accounts, and it’s now assisting special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump for alleged obstruction of justice based in part on his tweets.”

The idea that all of these people and those being shadow-banned are hatemongers is obviously a lie.  It is really done so to smear all non-establishment and non-globalists as hatemongers, racists, trolls and users who incite violence.  Yet, the wide net of such ‘filters’ rarely ever seem to ensnare hateful Democrat rhetoric.

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