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Fight or Flight? The Course of Resistance

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One of the first writers to capture the growing chasm between the elites and the rest of us was Angelo Codevilla in his article “America’s Ruling Class—and the Perils of Revolution” in The American Spectator in 2010. He identified a “ruling class” and a “country class” with the former consisting of the elites of both parties, the journalistic Hoax Media establishment, and much of corporate America. In particular, it was the issue of illegal immigration that the elites supported but which the “country class” in large majorities opposed. Barack Obama, John McCain, Jeb Bush, almost all Democrats, the journalistic infrastructure, the Wall Street Journal, and the National Chamber of Commerce all supported amnesty or “immigration reform,” while the public so vehemently opposed it that Bush had to withdraw his plan for it, and Barack Obama never even got around to attempting to pass amnesty. But there were other issues that divided the ruling class from the country class, including the giant bailout (“porkulus”) bills, gun control, “global warming,” and trade.

Following Donald Trump’s election, save for the President and a small handful of advisors, the American political scene could be envisioned as a giant deli sandwich, with Trump as the top loaf, the people as the bottom loaf, and a giant filling of bureaucracy and party obstructionists in between. The country class had the power and the top leadership, but not all the functionaries in-between that brought to reality the wishes of the top and bottom “loaves.

Now, five months after the Great Election Robbery, the ruling class has control of the two layers of the sandwich and can now exert power on the country class almost without opposition.

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