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Feds admit video of January 6 ‘riot’ shows officers fist-bumping ‘rioters’

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The National Guard and Capitol Police respond to riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. (Video screenshot)

The January 6 “riot” at the U.S. Capitol featured thousands of people at a rally with President Trump and then hundreds going to the seat of government. It likely was a few dozen that were the ones who broke windows and doors and vandalized.

Hundreds, however, have been arrested and many detained behind bars for months already, even though some of them have raised a defense that they simply walked into the building and did not damage anything.

Some have reported the security police there even allowed them in, holding doors open for them.

Now there’s evidence that the government knows that.

A report at the Legal Insurrection blog explains the case-altering details were revealed in one of the many court cases now developing.

In a court filing, the government said, “[W]e are not in a position to turn over the universe of information we possess for defendant to review. Although we are aware that we possess some information that the defense may view as supportive of arguments that law enforcement authorized defendants (including defendant) to enter the restricted grounds, e.g., images of officers hugging or fist-bumping rioters, posing for photos with rioters, and moving bike racks, we are not in a position to state whether we have identified all such information.”

The admission appears to be that the government knows some of those who were at or may have even entered the building that day had no more ill intent that the average tourist,

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