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EXCLUSIVE: TGP Interview with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Reveals Disturbing Experience with Hannity’s Producer When He Attempted to Share Solution to Save America (Audio)

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By Joe Hoft

Published January 9, 2021 at 7:45am

The Gateway Pundit interview with the man who can save America.

We reported on Mr. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer when we first heard of him.  His ideas, we thought, could save this country:

THE MAN WHO WILL SAVE AMERICA… “This Isn’t the Beating of a Drum, This Is the Burning of a City!” – Inventor Jovan Pulitzer DESTROYS Georgia’s Corrupted 2020 Election Results

The dilemma in the US today is that there are 75 million Americans who don’t believe the November election was a fair election.  Jovan believes he has the answer in how to address these concerns.

TRENDING: Trump Campaign Banned From EMAILING Supporters After Being Suspended By Mail Service Provider

#Truth pic.twitter.com/v9HzfQbBYg

— JovanHuttonPulitzer ™ #JovanHuttonPulitzer (@JovanHPulitzer) January 8, 2021

Pulitzer shared with us the following experience where he tried to get his message on Hannity.  He felt that Hannity could share the message with his audience – we need to have the ballots from the November election reviewed forensically.

Jovan has a process where he can review millions of ballots in a day and he can determine if the ballots are legit (see article embedded above).  By performing this review on the results across the nation he can provide Americans an audited unbiased machine driven result of the 2020 election and a process that will eliminate these questions in the future. 

Should there be a forensic audit of the election?

With more than half of Americans believing that the 2020 election was stolen,

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