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Exclusive: Epik’s Advice to Parler

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When Epik released their official statement on January 11 after Parler was taken offline by Amazon Web Services, they did so to shine a light on the increasingly brazen, extreme, and shockingly transparent methods used by media owners as they strive to shape the public’s understanding of events. Truth is most often excluded, and instead, the narrative is strategic, biased, and self-serving. 

UncoverDC spoke exclusively with Rob Davis, SVP of Strategy and Communications at Epik, who explained that the company released its Jan. 11 statement without having had any prior discussion with Parler. Although Parler has since registered its domain name with Epik, it is unclear what Epik’s ultimate role will be in Parler’s future. However, it is clear that Epik cares deeply about defining the line for responsible free speech and mentoring Parler as it makes its comeback.

With its first statement read by millions, Epik released a follow-up statement on Jan. 14 to acknowledge the outpouring of positive encouragement and support it has received over the past several days. The statement notes that in this time of great uncertainty, many influencers seem to want to guide opinions, sentiments, and perceptions into two contrasting polarities when we desperately need healing, unity, and reconciliation. Besides offering priceless insight into the current state of affairs, the statement is a tactical map of how Parler can rebrand itself and get back online after recognizing the faults that played a part in taking them offline. 

Davis revealed that when AWS took down Parler—in an unprecedented move—its objective was to make a mockery of the conservative and “happy” platform by taking them offline and te

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