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Ex-convict approaches cop who arrested him years ago, prays with him for safety of all officers

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TEXAS CITY, TX — In a news cycle filled with constant hatred and violence toward police officers these days, it is refreshing to come across people who go out of their way to thank them and pray for their safety.

That is exactly what happened at a barbecue cook-off in Texas, where an ex-convict approached a police officer with an attitude of gratitude instead of bitterness.

A reformed convict, Doc Amey, saw Texas City Senior Patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa in uniform at a cooking event in 2015. Chapa had arrested Amey eight years prior for a gun-related offense, which resulted in a conviction and time spent in prison.

Amey told TapHaps:

“I have not always been a friend to the police. I grew up selling drugs. I’ve been to prison three times.”

CheyBishop09 there are a lot of people praying over your husband as well as all others in a police uniform and their families. Gods got this!🙏🏻

— A.Lee (@ALee91008439) May 30, 2020

After Amey was released from prison, he would occasionally see Chapa around town, but never approached him.

However, when Amey saw Chapa at the cook-off, he felt compelled to go up to him and say, “Thank you” and asked if he could pray with him, according to ABC13.

Amey then took Chapa’s hands and began to pray for his safety while in the line of duty.

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