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Epik’s Latest Update on Parler and Online Censorship

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The popular social media platform Parler remains offline after U.S. District Court Judge Barbara J. Rothstein on Thursday denied Parler’s motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to have AWS reinstate its web-hosting services. This is undoubtedly a setback for Parler, who is entering its third week without web access after being abruptly taken down by the Tech Giant.

As we previously reported, Parler currently has its domain registered with the digital platform Epik, a company that has been vocal in offering advice to Parler on how to migrate out of its current unfortunate predicament, as well as expressing its thoughts and opinions on the unprecedented harsh reality of online censorship that is erupting in the United States. 

Most recently, Epik released an update on its status with Parler after releasing an official statement last week. It is worth noting that UncoverDC has learned that all of Epik’s services rendered to Parler thus far—outside of approx. $10 Parler may have spent to move their domain name to Epik—have been provided voluntarily. 

Rob Davis, SVP of Strategy & Communications at Epik, has been instrumental in offering an unbiased and essential assessment of Big Tech’s seemingly very biased attack on Parler. He explained the company’s immediate focus with Parler “has been on protecting their rights and ensuring their community platform is not leveraged falsely in an attempt to purposefully demonize a large segment of the population to cause more intentional separation. In effect, we wanted to help make our world a better place, by doing whatever we could as Americans and citizens first – with no political bias – to draw a line in the sand that highlights the bad decision-making of monopolies.

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