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Embarrassing: Taliban threatens Biden, warns of ‘consequences’ if we stay past Aug. 31 deadline

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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN- There’s an old saying—“Peace through superior firepower.” For Joe Biden, it’s peace through appeasement—at least until we get hit with another terrorist attack due to his incompetence.

Monday, a senior Taliban spokesman threatened the US and Britain, telling the U.K.’s Sky News there will be “consequences” if the two nations extend their military presence in Afghanistan past some bogus Aug. 31 “deadline,” Breitbart News reports.



Can you imagine what the consequences would have been if the Taliban had made such a threat to say, President Trump?

Or hell, even President Bush. Chances are, the Taliban would have had a nice ripe bunker busting bomb dropped on their ass. Likely more than one and perhaps a few cruise missiles for good measure.

Unfortunately, we have an incompetent coward in the White House.

Of course earlier this summer, Biden announced that all American troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by Aug. 31. Initially, Biden had announced a Sept. 11, 2021, end date, the 20th anniversary of course of the worst terrorist attack (with no apologies to Jan. 6 insurrection lunatics) in American history.

Former President Donald Trump had set an end date of May 1, however had significant benchmarks attached to that date. Trump had actually brokered a deal with the Taliban, however as has been reported there were significant stipulations attached to that date.

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