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Election Integrity: Voters in Kansas Demand Audit

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Persistent and unwavering, election integrity efforts into the November 2020 General Election remain strong despite unprecedented attempts to silence them. The crusade for truth and justice surrounding last year’s election stretches across the United States and includes Johnson County, Kansas, where one resident, patriot Thad Snider, stands determined.  

As was the case with many concerned citizens in multiple voting precincts around the nation, immediately following the election, Snider spotted some critical flaws in the voting procedures in Johnson County, Kansas. Largely suburban, it is the most populous county in the state and is included in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Its median household income in 2017 was $81,121. The county uses ES&S election machines, software, and vote tabulators (DS200s). UncoverDC has reported extensively on these systems, which are proven vulnerable to fraudulent activity. Snider’s comprehensive research into the election in Johnson County is eye-opening and justifies a closer look. 

Johnson County Voter Registration Numbers

Traditionally, Kansas is a Republican state, and Johnson County is a Republican county. Snider points out that the number of Republicans in Johnson County far exceeds the number of Democrats. According to Johnson County’s official tallies, there were 452,747 voters in the November 3rd election, broken down as follows:

  • Republicans:  194,468
  • Democrats:  138,605
  • Independent:  114,136

So far, this data appears relatively straightforward. However, taking a closer look opens the door to legitimate questions and concerns. According to U.S. Census records, at the time of the Nov. 3 election, approximately 605,000 residents lived in Johnson County. Twenty-four percent of that total were individuals below the age of 18 and unable to vote,

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