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Election Integrity In Tennessee: Citizens Take Action

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Election integrity was the esprit de corps behind the efforts of seven troubled citizens from Williamson County, TN. Their concerns over the November election motivated their actions–especially because Williamson County uses Dominion Voting machines.

Starting in January, they began to look at ways to make elections more secure in their county—with the hope that their efforts would someday be a blueprint for the state. The team calls itself the Williamson County Voters For Election Integrity (WCV).

Some of the team members wish to remain anonymous; therefore, some will be referenced by their function in the group.

The citizen team of businesspeople, a librarian, and IT professionals has taken a deep dive into every aspect of the voting process, end-to-end, pouring over materials, laws, and processes.

In May, they had the opportunity to meet Arizona’s state Rep. Mark Finchem for a few hours one evening. He had traveled to Tennessee for the express purpose of showing citizens that local action can change the way elections are run. He loaned them the watermarked, secure ballot he is now shopping in Arizona, which he calls the Arizona Ballot Integrity Project. It was a real turning point for the team.

One of the masterminds behind the Williamson County group, Kathy Harms, told UncoverDC that Finchem’s insights were critical. His input helped them fast-track their thought process and decision-making.

On Wednesday evening, with 9 months of inquiry and analysis under their belts, they held a public meeting in Franklin, TN, to show what they have found. First, they spoke about what they have done. Below, in slide one of the presentation, they demonstrate just how serious they were in their pursuit:

    • Reviewed reports about machines,

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