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Egoism creates spiritual poverty – and hell on earth

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A most desperate search for happiness and inner peace now seem to characterize the West, as we muddle through crisis after crisis, many pondering the meaning of life. Somehow, we seem to have collectively lost the healthy outlook on life that characterize those who are in a mental state of balance. We now solely pursue the pleasures of the atheist way of life: materialism, wealth and the pursuit of worldly goods – the only values among the godless.

The “cancel culture” craze now eats up any remnant of love between the races, as the Western mind slips further away from grasping the peace and mental bliss millions used to find in prayer and traditional religion. The days of Billy Graham are over, and America struggles to survive – sex and drugs hailed as the road to a better life.

Yet, lasting happiness is and has always been deeply connected to how you treat others. If we stop caring for one another, life becomes hell on earth. Then the working class are abandoned, the poor are uncared for, nobody tends to the fatherless and the widow. Egoism becomes the only rule applied. The quest is to get rich, regardless of who is trampled to the ground. Solidarity vanishes in such a society, as the fallen Rome saw before us. Even the drug industry turns to feed its very own children with its poi

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