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Despite $500k in damage, suspect in torching of Fox News’ All American Christmas tree released on no bail – again

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This is an update to a story Law Enforcement Today reported on yesterday, reprinted below. 

MANHATTAN- New York officials report that the suspect arrested Wednesday in connection with the arson fire that destroyed the Fox News All-American Christmas Tree earlier that morning has been freed without bail. 

Fox News reported the suspect, Craig Tamanaha was witnessed walking out of a Manhattan criminal courthouse on Wednesday night. 

When confronted by reporters outside the building, Tamanaha said, “I didn’t do it.” 

The tree, which was only lit on Sunday night, went up in flames just outside Fox News headquarters only hours before the streets would become full of holiday shoppers, tourists, and workers. 

Officials estimate the damage at about $500,000. All of Tamanaha’s charges were misdemeanors, which do not require bail under New York City’s laws, according to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bayley in a statement to the New York Post. 

In order to qualify for bail, the suspect would have had to been charged with a more significant third-degree felony arson charge, criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow told the Post. A more serious charge would only have applied if there was intent to harm a person or there was some type of bias alleged. 

Meanwhile, Fox promised to unveil a new Christmas tree outside Fox News headquarters Thursday during “The Five,” with the same two hosts-Lawrence Jones and Abby Hornacek-hosting the event as they did Sunday evening,

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