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Democrats’ election rigging must end before midterms

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As I pointed out in my last column, the midterm elections are coming up soon – November of next year.

It’s late September a year before, and the issue hasn’t been touched: that is, the lack of election integrity.

Granted, there are powerful new media that have arisen, but it sure didn’t help in California. Maybe that’s because our candidate didn’t believe in it – massive election fraud in 2020. That’s unfortunate – in fact, it’s a tragedy. Because no one is going to believe him now. So, I guess we’ll have to write off 2022 in California. I can’t say if the recall election was a steal or not. I can only say it was not what I expected – an apparent rout by Gavin Newsom, an apparent landslide.

The media don’t waste time discussing apparent landslides.

But if we’re going to make progress in reforming election laws and ending mail-in voting, we’re going to have to act much faster, to say the least.

Fortunately, we just have to work on a few states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and any other one I’m missing or that’s close. Let’s say that all of these wer

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