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Cuomo, Biden in a race for most women accusers

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We all know about Tara Reade, the woman who accused Joe Biden while working for him in 1993.

What did she say?

That Biden pinned her against a wall in the Capitol, shoved his hands up her skirt and his fingers into her vagina. Reade told at least five witnesses at the time about the attack. In addition, there is a video of Reade’s mother calling into a 1993 edition of CNN’s “Larry King Live” asking for help for her daughter’s problem with a “prominent senator.”

Tara Reade has been a life-long Democrat.

Throughout Biden’s career, first as a senator from 1973 through 2009, then as Barack Obama’s vice president through 2017, he kept it quiet about Reade – despite her repeated attempts to tell her story. Even when Biden ran for president in in 2020, she never got much satisfaction about this heinous charge.

Joe Biden was considered by the media a man who was often confused, but otherwise a “good man” – frequently “borrowing” stories from other famous people, telling whoppers, befriending “racists” and getting rich in office.

Biden denies the Reade allegation but is refusing to open his archives at the University of Delaware where a copy of her sexual harassment complaint is supposedly filed – safely secure from the peering eyes of the curious.

That he had this experience with one woman could possibly be overlooked, misu

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